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TC PowerPack 1.7 is a file manager for Windows with some add-ins
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TC PowerPack 1.7 is a file manager for Windows.
This program is, in fact, an extended version of Total Commander, a program made by Christian Ghisler. Total Commander 6.54a is included in TC PowerPack 1.7. During the installation you can choose to install three different skins, Smooth, Futurist or WinCmd.

Along with Total Commander 6.54a, this pack includes some plugins, as 7zip 0.4.8 (to compress files), aes 0.6.3 (to encrypt files), chmDir 0.40 beta, dbx 1.0 beta9, diskDir 1.4, gif 1.1, icl 1.2, img 0.9 beta, iso 1.7.3 beta 3, lzx 1.1, mBox 1.10, FlashView 1.4, IEView 1.94 a, Imagine beta 4 and many others. It also has some add-ons as Notepad2 1.0.12 and Volkov Commander.

As a file manager, TC is capable of copying, moving, deleting, renaming, opening, editing files in local or remote drives. The program can edit files attributes, compare files, pack a group of files or unpack an archive, split or combine files and many more tasks. It´s capable of acting as a quick FTP server, allowing you to upload your web pages to the servers.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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